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"... Even a man who is pure at heart
and says his prayers by night
may become a wolf when the wolfs bane blooms
and the moon is full and bright..."

Halloween, young children walk the streets dressed as zombies and fairies and vampires, toting bags of candy and goodies. Teenagers out with their friends, tee-peeing houses and getting sprayed with an angry residents hose. A cold wind sways the bare branches of the trees as a full moon rises in the sky, sending a shiver down the road. In the distance, a wolf howls its song to the moon. A group of teenagers, walking home after a successful night of egging houses and scaring small children, laughing and joking. Something stirs the bushes, the street lamp flickers. They slow and fall silent, listening nervously to the night sounds. Are they being fallowed? A low growl sounds behind them, they turn slowly and come face to face with a...

Werewolves, hounds of the night. Once men and women(more commonly known as She Wolves) now cursed to transform into a monster every time the full moon rises in the night sky. They have played a key part in our culture for centuries, stories and legends coming from all over the world, from Europe to North America, a shadow lurking in the black of night. Many people claim to have seen the beasts in person, many photos and thrilling footage, but just how much of it is true?

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Fact or Fiction