What is Wellness?
Wellness is the balance between eating right, exercising, your mental state, and being smart about your lifestyle. Your "Well-Being" is determined by how you juggle these components of wellness. Your wellness is tested when you are put into a stressful position, and how you handle it is a part of determining your mental health. How well you maintain your body determines your physical health. Nutrition is eating foods that help you grow, develop, and stay healthy. Physical activities are anything that gets your body moving. Exercising keeps your body active and prevents many health problems. A big part of wellness is being positive. By being positive, a person is more motivated to stay fit and have a clear, fresh mind. People who balance these parts of wellness lead a long, happy, fulfilling life.

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Why Wellness is Important to Me

Wellness is important to me because the people I am around work very hard to be healthy. I am always eating nutritious foods thanks to my family. I became very passionate about wellness though, when I first started watching Jamie Oliver: Food Revolution. I realized then, that sadly, a lot of Americans aren't healthy. I learned a lot from his show about nutrition and obesity. As the series progressed, Jamie changed a whole town's perspective on nutrition and exercise. It showed me that one person can motivate a lot of people to become healthy. You only live one life, why shouldn't you live it healthy?


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