World war ll

Axis and Allie were the two different side for world war 2.

Axis: Italy

Main Allies:
China Australia
Great Britain (UK)
New Zealand
South Africa

Pearl Harbor
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The U.S. didn't join the battle of WW II until japan bombed pearl harbor. Pearl harbor had happened on December 7 1941. The people who attacked pear harbor were of the Japanese. They were called Kamikaze which some people meant they do suicide with bombs or crash. But in actuality it means "Divine Wind". The attack weakened American navy ships considerably and some planes and 2400 people were killed in this incident.


Germany entered the WWII at the very beginning and Russia and Britain were attacking them currently. Their leader for this war was the infamous Hitler. Hitler controlled Germany and got natzies for his army. He then set out to take over the world. Later U.S.A. joined the battle and with Russia and Britain's help tried to beat them. While that happened a plan called "valkyrie" were Hitler's own men turn against him but sadly the operation failed. Then on the day January 8, 1981 Hitler committed suicide with a gun.Thus ending Hitler's rain.
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The Atomic bomb played a huge role in world war 2. It was a nuclear bomb that finished Japan off in WWII. The nuclear bomb was first dropped off in the city of on august 6 , 1945. Then three day's later on the 9th the second atom bomb was dropped on . The nicknames were given to each atom bomb the first 1 was nick named "Little Boy" the second one was called . The results of these atomic bombs were devastating on Japan. The "Little Boy" killed 140,000 people in the city of Hiroshima and then "Fat Man" killed 80,000 people in Nagasaki. Because of this Japan surrender on august 15th 1945.