Swimming has been around for a long time.
There are references to swimming before
2000 B.C.E. That's a long time ago! In 1578
swim2.gifa man by the name of Nikolaus Wynman
wrote the first swimming book. In the 1800s
competitive swimming was started. It was
started in Europe using breaststroke as the
main stroke to compete. Swimming was in
the first modern day Olympics, that tookimage-of-olympic-sports-swimming-pictogram-graphic-design-art-2962.jpg
place in Athens, Greece in 1896. In 1902
the front crawl, also known as freestyle, was
introduced to the Western World. In 1908
FINA was formed (Fédération
Internationale de Natation). FINA is still around
They make the decisions in swimming to
this day. They legalize suits,they approve pools,
etc. Swimming has been around for quite a while,
There are some famous swimmers that you will
hear about on this website. Also swimming, whether you think
it or not swimming has A LOT of rules, from
how you do the stroke to the pool size. We can'tswim2.gif
forget about the attire and equipment that plays a
huge roll in racing. You will also hear about a
starting block I built to help the blind and/or deaf.