I will be informing you on physics and how the universe works. There are many variations about what started the universe, there's the big bang, God, and aliens. There are also many risks in the universe that could end life on earth in a heartbeat as we know it including black holes, supernovas, gamma rays, and asteroids.



Asteroids are floating masses in space which could be very small or several times larger then earth, we are very lucky to have larger planets around us such a Jupiter and Saturn which have much more gravity since their bigger to attract nearby asteroids from destroying the planet.
There is a 1 in 909,000 chance that in March 24, 2014 that an asteroid with about the same force of 20 million Hiroshima atomic bombs will hit earth and may potentially cause Armageddon. You can also read the power of asteroids on this website This is a video of how the tragedy would look like if an asteroid hit earth.

Black Holes

Black holes are the most mysterious things in the universe, they are created by a death of a large star which turn into supernovas then implode themselves into endless holes of darkness hence the name black hole and they have one of the strongest gravitational pulls in the universe which is strong enough that even light (which is about 186000 miles per second) gets sucked in. Black holes are so powerful that whatever size it or the target is, it would break it up to even micro sized and suck it in. There is also said to be another side of a black hole called a wormhole, it's more like the opposite of a black hole, it pushes you out of it into another dimension instantly. Inside of a black hole is the event horizon, it is the rip in space-time, it can even have the future inside it since the things inside it have gone faster than the speed of light. If a black hole were to hit the earth, waves would be hundreds of miles high and we would feel a gravitational change in the atmosphere and the earth would slowly start to break up and get sucked up into the hole. If you have the time this is the link to a 23 minute long video about black holes This is another video about what it looks like inside of a black hole.


Supernovae are bursts of radiation one tenth the speed of light. They create a lot of light, a supernova is caused when a star dies and runs out of energy to sustain itself. When a supernova occurs it releases energy in a short amount of time equivalent the the amount of energy the sun releases in its whole lifetime. The supernovas could also experience gravitational changes in certain areas and for a black hole. The explosion usually lights up a whole galaxy and could easily destroy our planet.


Gamma Rays

Gamma rays are just like supernovas they have the equivalent of a sun energy in a beam shot through space in a small amount of time. They are also released through the energy of a collapsing star or a black hole. Gamma rays are like black hole belches which release all the energy absorbed in one large beam. Even if a gamma ray was hundreds of light years away it could be disastrous if it was pointed earth way. It would destroy our ozone layer protecting the earth from harmful radiation of the sun and our cells would go crazy and kill us from the inside. This is a Gamma Ray Simulation.


I have made a poll for people to answer on what you would do if something like the examples above were to happen to the earth and which would be most devastating in your opinion.
Universe Poll

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