My Genetic engineering experimentWhat I'm doing for my experiment: I'm taking 2 varieties of apples ( Golden Delicious and Red Delicious)
I may have problems because sometimes the apples you get from the store are genetically modified, and sometimes their seeds do not have the same traits, making them not taste the same or be as resilient to germs as their parents. Photos throughout the process will be provided and once I do the graft I will have a day-by-day journal for one week after it (If I can graft it within the given time frame necessary) I will know that the trees are ready for transplant when the stem is actual wood, and it has 2 branches, then I cut one of the branches off the two trees and tape them to the other tree.

The Seeds: the fewer seeds on 1 paper towel are the red delicious, while the more numerous seeds are the golden delicious

The seeds being planted: For organizational purposes, I have labeled the Seeds A,B,C,D style for both red and golden deliciousMattPlantings1.JPGMattPlantings2.JPGMattPlantings5.JPGMattPlantings6.JPG
The seedlings in transplant: seedlings have grown too big for their starting container getting transplanted to a bigger container
The Remaining seedlings grown up: All but the strongest seedlings have died at this point and the remaining ones are all at least moderately big.mattPlantFinal3.JPG MattPlantFinal2.JPG
Questions I asked my expert, Dan "Goober" Keilar
Dan has a bachelor's degree in biology and environment, education generally required for this job.

Q: What do you primarily do when you work?
A: I work the farm/ orchard, Mid-summer I go around and protect the trees from drought, or over rain and bugs, in August I can do late summer pruning and harvest the apricots I grow. In november I cut the grass in the orchard really low to prevent mice and vole from messing with the trees.

Q: Do you buy your trees, or do you grow them from seed?
A:I buy the buds I use from small- medium sizeorchards, while Bigger orchards will buy buds.
Note: younger plants are typically less money than older plants because older plants can already produce fruit.

Q:How long have you been in the business?
A: 17 years

Q: What do you primarily grow?
A: Mostly apples and cherries, but I grow apricots and a few other things as well.

Q: What's it like raising trees seasonally?
A: in the winter, once it's past belo-zero, I start pruning. In Spring, I plant more trees prune some more, and also deal with prunings. In Mid-late spring, I fertilize the plants, they bloom, so I have to monitor for bugs and fungal infections, I also have to watch out for drought and keep my plants irrigated.