Welcome to my WikiPage! My page is completely devoted to the smoothie company Jamba Juice! On my site I'll be explaining things like nutrition, history, and tastes! I hope you enjoy my page and maybe go try a Jamba Juice (they're really good!).


Jamba Juice was first founded in 1990 by Cal Poly graduate Kirk Perron, along with cofounders Joe Vergara, Kevin Peters, and Linda Ozawa Olds. The store was originally named Juice Club and it was changed to Jamba Juice in 1995. The first store was in San Luis California, 2 more stores opened up in 1993. These stores locations were in Palo Alto and Irvine both in Calafornia. In august of 1997 Jamba entered an agreement with Whole Foods Market. This allowed Jamba to sell its all natural smoothies and ingredients at a variety of these stores. In the March of 1999 Jamba bought out all of Zuka Juices stores, this added a large amount of stores to the chain. Jamba entered New York City in 2004 and has added 19 stores. Like New York, Jamba has entered into other large metropolisis throughout it's years, like Hollywood, Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, San Fransisco, and Dallas. This helped Jamba Juice become one of the most popular smoothie places all across America encouraging a healthy lifestyle and not giving up any taste.

This is a picture of a hand made sign for Jamba in Hollywood!

Freshly Squeezed And Blended!

Caribbean Passion
  • Ingredients - passionfruit-mango juice, strawberries, peaches, and orange sherbert
  • Calories - 400
  • Saturated Fat - 0.5g
  • Carbs - 93g
  • Sodium - 55mg
  • Taste Rating - 9

Peach Pleasure
  • Ingredients - peaches, bananas, peach juice, orange sherbert
  • Calories - 420
  • Saturated Fat - 1g
  • Carbs - 99g
  • Sodium - 55mg
  • Taste Rating - 8.5

  • Ingredients - mixed berry juice, strawberries, bananas, orange sherbert
  • Calories - 440
  • Saturated Fat - 1g
  • Carbs - 103g
  • Sodium - 60mg
  • Taste Rating - 11 (you're very welcome Annie)

Strawberry Surf Rider
  • Ingredients - peaches, strawberries, lemonade, lime sherbert
  • Calories - 480
  • Saturated Fat - 0.5
  • Carbs - 118
  • Sodium - 10
  • Taste Rating - 7

  • All Measurements taken from a 24oz "Original" smoothies.