Italian Food in America

We all know that Italian food in America can be good, but it is not as good as actual Italian food.

For my expert in Italian food, I contacted an employee at an Italian restaurant by e-mail. She told me some useful facts concerning the food at the restaurant. The restaurant has a great menu, and a gelato shop in the front. This restaurant has also been mentioned on the Food Network.

The most ordered food is baked mostaciolli ( pasta that looks like mustaches) with meat sauce.
The restaurant makes their own spaghetti, linguini, mostaciolli, and fettucine.
The restaurant buys food in the U.S.A. but some is imported from Italy.
Some of the recipes they use are family recipes, some they tampered with and made new stuff.
The workers favorite food is pepperoni pizza.

Here are some of the American "Italian" restaurants/companies:

Pizza Hut:
This company started in 1958 with two brothers (Frank and Dan Carney) and $600. The company especially took off when it joined Pepsi, and started new marketing techniques. The one thing that really sets Pizza Hut apart from the crowd is their ability to adapt. Each restaurant has its own special ingredients according to what locals like. For instance, when a survey showed people liked to dip pizza in sauce, the company immediatly added dippers to their menus.
Now for some fun facts:
Pizza Hut uses the most cheese in the world.
Pizza Hut uses 700,000,000 pounds of pepperoni in a year, and 525,000,000 pounds of tomatoes a year.
There are about 34,000 Pizza Huts in the world.

Chef Boyardee:
Chef Boyardee started an Italian resturant. People started asking him for his recipes, so in 1928, he opened a factory. His real name was Boiardi, but he changed it to Boy-ar-dee to help Americans pronounce it.
Fun facts:

Chef Boyardee was sold to American Home Products in 1946, and was disttributed to the military.

In 2000, Chef Boyardee was sold to ConAgra Foods.

Domino's pizza was started by two brother's, Tom and James Monaghan, in the late 1960's. They bought a pizzeria in Michigan, named Dominick's, and changed the name to Domino's. They kept very traditional, until they were forced to add sizes of pizza, and sides.
Fun Facts:

Domino's did not have deep-dish pizza until 1989.
They payed $500 to start Domino's and sold it for $1 billion in 1998.