The Internet

Welcome to my web page about the internet! Here you will find some links to information about the thing you are using right now! Feel free to look around and explore the different links. This information all comes from different sources, which are found in my bibliography. The internet is something that is used all the time, because it is useful for many different tasks. You can find information, games, and almost anything you want. It is used for business, money, but can be dangerous in many situations, too. Be careful who you meet and trust, and be cautious in what information you give out. This particular page will tell you about the origin of the internet, the popular sensation of social networking, illegal uses of the internet, and uses of it. Thanks for visiting my page, and look around for anything you need here!

external image Internet%20Graph%201069646562.LGL.2D.4096x4096.png
Origin of the Internet
Social Networking
Illegal Use of the Internet
Uses of the Internet
Internet Bibliography

This is a picture representing all the different connections within the internet. As you can see, it's pretty large!

external image Internet%20Graph%201069646562.LGL.2D.4096x4096.pngexternal image Internet%20Graph%201069646562.LGL.2D.4096x4096.pngexternal image Internet%20Graph%201069646562.LGL.2D.4096x4096.png