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The idea:

I have wondered if they could ever make a new fuel source that would be as easy as gasoline. I wanted some way to use water, because our planet is made up of 2/3 water which makes it almost free! I had always known that hydrogen was an explosive chemical and I wondered if it could replace gasoline. Sure enough I found out it actually was a perfect fit. I also found out that it is possible to get hydrogen from water. To separate hydrogen from water, it takes a lot of electricity. Since I hoping for an environmentally friendly solution, this is the perfect solution, for every amount of air you get twice the amount of oxygen.

The problems:

There are only two problems, how to make the fuel non-explosive while it is in the fuel tank, because if it were to crash there would be a huge explosion, and how to get the electricity to separate the hydrogen and the oxygen.
To make the fuel non-explosive we would need to add a chemical to it, also this would be need to be separated by the car to make it explosive for the engine. I do not know the chemical that would be used and since this is only a theory I won't be finding out.

Making it Standard:

To get a constant rate of hydrogen around America there would need to be things like Oil Rigs but different. In fact, we could spend less money by just converting the Oil Rigs so they could take sea water and pump it to Nuclear Reactors on land. The Nuclear Reactor Plants would boil the water to make it pure. While all this was going on other Plants would create the electricity necessary to divide the Hydrogen and Oxygen. They would release the Oxygen and pump the oxygen to Processing Plants to add the chemical that made it temporally non-explosive. Finally the fuel would be given to the Hydrogen Stations around the country.


There was no bibliography except my Dad who helped me with some ideas.