Guppy fish

I'm doing my wiki space site all about Guppies. I have been raising guppies for one month and watching what they do and how they act. I have kept a journal of what they have been doing. I also have put important information on guppy diseases, kinds of guppies, pregnancy, and more!I have gotten most of my information from this site!!

Kinds of Guppies:

There are many many different kinds of
guppies it all depends on color, fin shape,
pattern, and shape. I have been raising fancy guppies,
but there are many more kinds out there!

Guppy Pregnancy:

Guppies give live births, they have many babies at the same time. When they are pregnant they have a black spot on their chest, and their stomachs are big. Their babies are called fry and for the first couple days hide at the bottom of the tank with the plants.The female is very weak when giving birth and right before birth. This video is about how to tell if the guppy is pregnant.

Things to do for your Guppy

You have to set up a tank for your guppies with places to hide, like plastic plants, so they don't get nervous. You have to wait to feed them for twenty four hours after you put them inside the tank, because they will not eat the food anyway. You have to check the water about twice a week, to check for to much of the wrong gases and to little of other ones. You can also take the water to some pet places they will test it for you so you do not have to buy test strips.Cleaning the tank is important, because if you do not clean it, the rocks and uneaten food can grow bacteria and kill your guppies. Filters are also a must-have if you do not get one gross scum can fill up on top of the water. If you have a tank divider, like in my observation you may need two filters one for each side. Your mini aquarium will also need a heater if your fish is sick you may have to turn it up and if your fish water is to cold your fish could die.One more thing you will need is a light you can have it on for about twelve hours a day and if you have fry (baby fish) with no light it can distort them witch may also be a cause of guppy death.


There are many different ways a guppy can get sick, some diseases are.....

Food Poisoning
A very common disease, yet oftentimes overlooked cause of death to guppies is food poisoning. The toxins generated by the bacteria growing in the uneaten food can kill your fish. Food poisoning creates secondary problems through bacterial growth that can result in fungal diseases.
Since most people who raise fancy guppy tend to feed from 5 to 10 times a day, it is important to feed only what your fish will consume in 5 minutes.


This disease kills more fish than is realized because the effects are generally slow and fish do not waste as do birds and mammals, and they stay plump until they die. The germ, called mycobacterium piscium, has been found in many parts of guppies, even in the eyes. You are not likely to know if your guppies have the disease even when you find them dead. Despite the fact that we keep so many guppies in such small places, tuberculosis does not seem to spread among all the inhabitants. If it does, it is quite rare.

When a guppy shows a roughened appearance from the scales standing on end, and it appears to be bloated, it may have an intestinal infection which distends its intestines so greatly that it cannot swim below the surface without great exertion. Some stay in an upright position.
Treatment: Try placing the bloated fish in a solution made of two tablespoonfuls of Epsom salts and two tablespoonfuls of Turk Island salt in a gallon of water. Leave it there for 4-6 hours. Then add another gallon of water and let the fish remain in this weaker solution for twelve hours before returning it to tank.

Gas Bubble Disease
Bacteria which invade portions of the fish's body sometimes cause gas which produces lumps. The gas may collect behind the eyes and pop them forward. The exact cause is not known for certain, but successful treatments are.
Treatment: An old successful method involving the simple matter of placing the fish in a tank of long-used water. The high nitrogen content is believed to relieve the condition.

Fun Facts

Guppies can be really colorful
Guppies give live birth
Guppies are tropical fish
Guppies can eat worms
Guppies get lonely
Guppies get nervous
The guppy is named after the Rev. J.L. Guppy of Trinidad
Guppies eat their babies
Guppies have an average gestation period of 28 days
Guppies can be in the same tank with glow in the dark fish

For about a month I observed four guppies to see what they do and if the kind of food they have effects them at all. The guppies were Fromage and Avive on one side and on the other were Caïman and Gemenaux, and later there was Forrest and Gémaux. I kept a journal of these fish it is listed below.


Day #1 3/20/09
The fish are put in the tank
Left of tank divider: Fromage (boy)- gray big tail indicates male fish Avive (girl)- smaller bright orange tail
Right of tank divider: Caïman (boy)- looks like Fromage but is a little bit smaller Gémenaux (girl)- a clear and orange fish quite big for a girl
left- guppy food
right- tropical fish food

Day #2 3/21/09
Fromage and Gémenaux are hiding. Avive is at the top of the tank, Caïman is sleeping. The fish are swimming up and down a lot today.

Day #3 3/22/09
*just fed* They are all eating very quickly. Swimming up and down again today. Staring at each other through the tank divider. it is 77 degrees, the fish on the right are swimming mostly in the corner. *Later* The fish are hidng behind the plants

Day #4 3/23/09
The fish are swimming very very fast, and are looking for food. After feeding, the fish on the right are playing "follow the leader" the ones on the left are bigger than the ones on the right

Day #5 3/24/09
Fish are all swimming around fast for food, and the water level went down

Day #6 3/25/09
On the left they are swimming high and on the right they are swimming low, Fromage looks smaller and the fish are all swimming close to each other

Day #7 3/26/09
The fish are trying to go through the the tank divider, to get food on the other side(left fish)
Biggest to Smallest: Gémenaux, Fromage, Caïman, and Avive. The fish are generally at the top of the tank. It is 77 degrees

Day #8 3/30/09
Caïman's tail is smaller and more bunched up today. He is smaller. Gémenaux is hiding. On the left they are both swimming in the front of the tank

Day #9 3/31/09
All the fish are looking at each other through the tank divider, (left) they are on the very top of the water, (right) are farther down

Day #10 4/1/09
All the fish are eating, (left) both eating off the top (right) Gémenaux is eating the chunks of food Caïman spit out *later* The fish are looking for food, Fromage is looking at me through the glass and Gémenaux is looking at herself in the mirror behind the fish tank Caïman has white dots all over his back and tail

Day #11 4/2/09
Caïman has the dots on only one side, Fromage has some dots, Gémenaux has dots too. Avive is the only one with no white dots. *later* The white spots were ick (a disease) and I had to put this special salt into the tank to make them better.

Day #12 4/3/09
Fromage has no more ick, but Gémenaux and Caïman still have some dots.

Day #13 4/5/09
Caïman is hiding, Gémenaux still has ick. *Later* Caïman is no where to be found! Caïman still has ick, Gémenaux and Caïman are both out of sight completely. I found Caïman he is dead!!!

Day #14 4/6/09
Gémenaux is all alone, and in the very back corner of the tank (left,back) Fromage and Avive are also in the left,back corner.

Day #15 4/7/09
Gémenaux is swimming in circles, Avive is in the front of the tank. Fromage is hiding, now Avive is looking for food.

Day #16 4/8/09
Gémenaux is swimming up and down. Fromage and Avive are hiding. *later* Fromage is looking at himself in the mirror. Avive is swimming up and down. Now, all the fish are hiding

Day #17 4/9/09
Avive is looking at Gémenaux. Fromage is looking at me, Avive is looking at me too. Gémenaux is hiding. Biggest to Smallest-Gémenaux Fromage Avive

Day #18 4/12/09
All the fish are in the very back of the tank. Avive is very high, Gémenaux is in the middle and Fromage is at the bottom. *later* Avive looked at Gémenaux and Fromage is hiding. Nevermind, Fromage is dead!!

Day #19 4/13/09
Gémenaux is looking for food, also she is looking at herself in the mirror. Avive is at the very top of the water looking down.

Day #20 4/14/09
Today the fish tank was cleaned. When I took Avive out of the tank she swam right into the net. Gémenaux was definently harder. We will probably get the guys tomorrow, because the store isn't open right now. Gémenaux is still much bigger, but not by much.

Day #21 4/15/09
The temperature today is 83 degrees. The fish are put into the newly cleaned tank and will meet the boys tomorrow.

Day #22 4/16/09
The fish are mostly swimming at the top of the water not dead, but disinterested in their food.

Day #23 4/18/09
I got the new boys today! I named the one on the left side with Avive his name is Forrest, he has a lot of spots like a leopard it is so cool! Avive's tail has gotten smaller. Gémenaux is hiding almost always now. I put her with a boy that looks just like her and I call him Gémaux! He is really pretty.

This kind of looks like Forrest


Day #24 4/19/09
Avive and Forrest are both in the front end of their side of the tank they're looking toward the right side. Gémenaux is swimming up and down very quickly! Gémenaux is just "sitting" in her corner(top,back,left)

Day #25 4/20/09
Gémenaux is still hiding. I'm kind of nervous about her, hiding is very normal. Gémaux is moving a lot and he is watching me. Avive's tail went back to normal and Forrest is mostly trying to get to the other side of the tank divider.

Day #26 4/22/09
Forrest is in the middle of the tank kind of checking out the plants in there. Avive looks darker than normal. Gémaux is in the front of the tank swimming back and forth, up and down. Gémenaux is in her corner once again. *later* Avive is looking for food at the bottom of the tank inside the rocks. I checked the water today and everything is normal.

I still have my fish today they are happy and healthy, but you can not forget to feed the fish, check their water, clean their tank, and make sure your cat does not eat them!

These are some videos of the fish sorry there's no Fromage or Caïman