Genetically modified plants

There are many different kinds of genetically altered plants. Scientists have changed plants using genes for a variety of effects. Sometimes it's done to improve crop hardiness, improve crop output, or even to change their color! A prime example of changing the color of a plant is a blue rose. After years of research, a Japanese company, Suntory, and a Australian company, Florigene, succesfully inserted a gene for plant pigment delphinidin, cloned from the petunia, and inserted the gene into a Old Garden Rose. The result? A blue rose, though the hue of it was slightly darker than "True Blue"
1092977066_4289e8cb6a.jpg´╗┐This is a blue rose.
Another example of a genetically modified plant is Golden rice. In 2000 it was developed as a fortified food for areas with a dietary shortage of Vitamin A. In 2005, Golden rice 2 was announced. It had up to 23 times the beta carotene than the first variety. It was created by transforming rice with two beta-carotene biosynthesis genes. The first golden rice was made by Ingo Potrykus, and Peter Beyer. The project started in 1992, and in 2000, at the time of the publication, it was considered a major biotechnology breakthrough, as they engineered an entire biosynthetic pathway.