Genetically Modified Animals What is a Genetically Modified Animal? If you have been paying attention so far you would know something Genetically Modified has had its genetic makeup reconfigured. So if we put two and two together we'll know that it's an animal that has had its genetics changed. GMA's (Genetically Modified Animals) are wide and varied. The first such example of a GMA is the GloFish. The GloFish was the first GMA to be sold as a pet. There are also Transgenic organisms, they have had DNA that originated in another species implanted into them. Examples are a Geep (Goat + Sheep) Enviropigs and Glofish. There are also cross-bred species, Ligers and Tions are good examples of cross-breeding. The first GMO was a Bacteria. Only about 1% of Bacteria can naturally take up DNA, so the DNA must be inserted by using other means.

GMAs aren't always made for pets etc. Sometimes a certain gene is inserted to create a particular result (Like plants) Some results scientists aim for are the animal (Or plant) to be able to produce certain things, like antibodies for a particular disease or even for testing certain diseases. Sometimes during genetic engineering a Chimera is created. A chimera is created by 4 different of chromosomes. As such, each organ uses a different set of chromosomes. They are used for research, as it is easier to judge certain effects something has on them, given their varied gene pool. Certain effects that we can do with genetic engineering are making an animal bigger, or making it glow (This comes up a lot)

The Glofish you have heard so much about

Herman the bull
ice-minus bactera
knockout mouse
knockout moss
fish tomato
flavr savr tomato
Blue rose
Golden rice
transgenic maize
transgenic soybeans
Bt brinjal
Hepatitis type-B vaccine