Frolfing, otherwise known as frisbee golf or disc golf is a game that involves throwing a disc or frisbee a certain distance to the hole which is a basket with metal chains on it. There are many kinds of discs but the most common are the distance driver, fairway driver, mid-range, and putter/approach.
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When throwing at the basket you want to start from the tee area and then throw your disc and try to get it to the hole in as few of throws as possible. Usually, the hole is a par 3, but at some places or holes, it might be a very long hole so it will be a par 4 or even a par 5!

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  • You must tee off from the "tee box" whether it is a cement or a dirt box.
  • When you throw your disc, you have to throw it to the next spot from wherever it landed even if it was in shrubs or in the woods.
  • When you tee off, if you have more than one person playing, the person with the least number of throws on the last hole goes first, then the second least goes, and so on and so forth.
  • After teeing off, the person with the throw farthest away from the hole goes first, then the second farthest, and so on and so forth.
  • When throwing from the fairway your front foot must stay at the same place or behind where the last throw was thrown.
  • There is a one stroke penalty if your disc goes out of bounds or in the water.
  • To complete a hole, you must have the disc be thrown and land in the metal basket and stay there.

Development of the game:

Frolfing was discovered/made up by two main people, "Steady Ed" Headrick and George Sappenfield. George Sappenfield was a recreational counselor during the summer of 1965 in California. One day, Gearge though that it would be fun for the kids he was working with to play golf but with frisbees. He set up a course using objects like trees, firehydrands, and stop signs for baskets/targets. All of the kids thought that the game was fun so George decided that it would be fun to get adults and older people involved. This also worked so he contacted Wham-o and set up a tournament using frisbees and hula hoops (baskets) provided by Wham-o. "Steady Ed" Headrick came up with the game while working at a place that makes frisbees. He was exptrimenting with different weights and plastics to make discs that were more controllable and would go farther when thrown. Later, he came up with the pole and chain idea and put up the first official disc golf basket. He is known as the "Father of Disc Golf."
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