By Lucca Mancilio

"What is a thermophile?"That is the first sentence people usually say after hearing the word. So now, let me answer you with something better than words!


Even though they are similar to bacteria, it is Thermophiles what make THIS hot spring appear colorful. On this website, you will journey throughout the world of thermophiles, and visit their habitats, may it be a black smoker, or a hot spring. I have acquired the inspiration for this project in my trip to Yellowstone National Park, in 2011. In that trip, I developed interest in their world famous hot springs, and why they were hot, and why they were colorful. The park rangers were able to answer some of my questions, but many I returned with unanswered. So for my project I decided to learn more about my so sought after answers and try to make sense of them. In this website, you will be intrigued by the marvelous creations of the thermophiles, whether they're form Wyoming or Kamchatka.

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Us ... - Learn about discoveries made, thanks to them


And Them - See their methods of survival in their extremely hot environments


Why So Special? - After reading all this, you might just be saying, " Who cares anyway?" Well, you just might start caring too much after reading this much!