The mythical beasts called dragons originally came from two distant regions. The European dragons which resemble Greek and Middle eastern mythologies, and the Chinese dragons which resemble the Japanese, Korean and Eastern Asian countries. In the middle-ages dragons were like our normal reptiles only larger in size. As time evolved the myths have changed and so have the dragons.They now have been given wings,legs and hands. Dragon stories are so old, now people are starting to wonder if dragons are really real or are they fake.

I took a survey of "Are dragons real or fake?" here are the results 10 out of 30 people thought they were real. 20 out of 30 people thought they were fake. I hope to change the numbers into 10 out of 30 think fake and 20 out of 30 think real. If you're a person who thinks dragons are fake please think that over after you browse the site and be sure to watch the videos on Pictures and videos.


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