Welcome to my website DARE to Learn About Bears.

In this website you will be informed on three of the eight different species of bears. I always thought bears were a lot like humans emotion wise, some can be mean, some are overprotective, "cough cough mom", and then there are some that are nice, caring, fun, and loving. I am leaving out five of the bears, the Asiatic Black Bear, the Panda Bear, the Sloth bear, the Spectacled Bear, and the Sun Bear. They are all very fascinating bears and I encourage you to go out and find out more about these five extroardinary bears. In my website I hope that you will love bears as much as I do, but also have a great understanding of them. I hope to make learning about bears fun and entertaining. Thanks for coming to my page! Listen to this page by clicking below.
Brown AKA Grizzly Bear

external image 548grizzly-bear.jpg

American Black Bear
external image black-bear-hunting.jpg

Polar Bear
external image polar-bear-picture.jpg