General Information before you read this page:

cupcake- A smaller version of a cake that is baked in a cup-shaped container.
frosting- Icing that covers the top of most baked goods
cupcakes from scratch- made from whatever is available; used with no mixes pre-made
‚Äč baker- A person who bakes breads, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, ect.

Different Types of Cupcakes:

Cupcakes come in different versions. Some of them are for occasions such as parties, fancy gatherings, or just for your delicious enjoyment. Each of the occasions have different styles and designs of cupcakes. For parties, usually, the cupcakes have cool designs and mult-colored frostings. For fancy gatherings, such as weddings, baby showers, ext., they usually have lacy designs and mostly pastel colored frosting. And for you making cupcakes for a nice treat, they usually just have some chocolate frosting and sometimes have a few designs that you put on yourself.

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Business in Cupcakes:
At a bakery that I studied I found that cupcakes seel for around 50 cents each and are one of the top sellers right behind sheet cakes. The type of cupcakes that is most popular is a marble cupcake with buttercream icing and sprinkles on top. The bakeries don't have to make the actually cupcakes now, they just come in a box that has them already premade so all the bakers have to do is decorate them. Decorating them usually takes about 10 minutes to do, but it needs to look good in order to get good sales. A popular sale in bakeries for the past three years are cupcake pull-aparts, which is 24 cupcakes clustered together with a design on top that creates a design that pulls apart into cupcakes.

My Cupcakes:

In my studies I look at 4 different ways to get cupcakes. One was to make them from scratch, another was to make it from a box, a third was to buy them from the store, and the last was to get them from a bakery.

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