Recipes i made:

Brownies from mix
Brownies from scratch
Brownies from scratch 2



For my project, I chose to

try four different brownie recipes and find out which recipe works the best, which people like most, and which is harder and easier to make. I am making one recipe from a brownie mix and two from scratch, and then I will compare the three.

BASIC INFORMATION;external image images-5.jpg

and their purposes.
EGGS: The eggs hold the ingredients together. The fat from the oil also gives them flavor, and they also make the brownies overall more moist.
FLOUR: Flour raises the brownies and makes them have a more cake-like stance.
SUGAR: Sugar just makes the brownies taste more sweet. However, it does not do anything really to how the brownies end up after being bak
COCOA POWDER: The cocoa powder in the brownies gives them a rich (or light, depending on how much you use) flavor of dark or light chocolate. It also gives the brownies the dark brown coloring.

*These are not all the ingredients used in all types of brownies, they are just a few I have noticed are commonly used in MOST recipes.

SELF NOTE: for history of brownies look on