Beads! Beads! Beads!

This Wiki page is all about beads, beading, bead work and everything beads! I got into beading about three years ago. My friend Ana and I met at summer camp and fell in love with beading. Since then we both have been able to make some really cool pieces of jewelry out of beads. My job now is to teach you about beading. I guarantee that you too will fall in love with the art of beading. This page will tell you the basic history of beading, how beads are made, types of beads, types of beaded jewelry, how to make beaded works, and more! Enjoy!


Beading Dictionary

Basic Beading History

How Beads Are Made

Types of Beads!

What To Do With Your Beads!?

How To Make Your Own Beads

Beaded Art From Around The World!


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