The roots of baseball are English. The game is very similar to cricket and rounders. They both use bats and balls are thrown by a pitcher. The early American version of the English game was called "town ball." In at least one version of the game, teams pitched to themselves, runners went around the bases in the opposite direction of today's game of baseball. So they ran 3rd to 1st. We run 1st to 3rd.
Most people think Abner Doublday created baseball but he didn't. The myth was created by the Mills Commision. Actually, Dr. Daniel L. Adams and Alexander Joy Cartwright created the American version of baseball. Alexander Joy Cartwright is known as the father of baseball. In 1845 the first organized baseball team was created in New York City.
My Real World Contact: He said I have announced for a long time and I have seen baseball change a lot over the year. In past and recent years a lot of home runs were hit. Some of the people were Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGwire. They hit a lot of home runs. But now a lot more stolen bases are being stolen. Some people are Jose Reyes, Carl Crawford, and Carlos Gomez. Even though baseball has changed a lot it is still a GREAT game.