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And now on the lighter side...

Adolf Hitler was known as many things: a killer, a leader, and a demon. I am going to explain many different aspects of Hitler from his childhood to his adult years. Some people only know he is responsible for millions of deaths. My goal will be to have you know more about Hitler after reading through this web page because Adolf Hitler was much more than a speaker or leader. He was a solider, a son, a student, and even a writer. He was admired, feared, and despised throughout the world. He still is today. Now, before you read anymore of this web page, I would like to say I have tried to be as neutral as possible throughout this project. It is a very touchy subject, and I am aware of that, so I would like to clear some things up beforehand. I do not admire him or want to grow up to be like him, though I think that Hitler's power of persuasion was amazing because he was able to convince millions of people to do terrible things. Just imagine what he could have done if he had used his power for good instead of his own nefarious purposes. I almost feel sorry for Hitler because his father was so mean to him, and I honestly think that's the reason he became so twisted. What I want is for you to learn more about him, so I hope you enjoy my project on Adolf Hilter.