Dr. Suess has inspired me to write a political rhyming story. I named this The Koos, and it is in honor of President Barack Obama.

The Koos

Once upon a time in a far away kingdom there lived the Koos.
There were blue Koos and red Koos,
And green Koos and orange Koos.
Everyone knew you had to be a red Koo,
If you wanted to lead.
You would have to listen to what they say to do
Even if you were to beg or plead.
Poor little Checks lived in in a family of Koos that were green.
To this family, the reds were especially mean.
Checks and his friends were made to go to a school on the other side of town,
But the long trip to and fro made Checks frown.
But no matter how mean the reds were to Checks and his kind,
The greens stuck together and paid them no mind.
Especially Checks, who worked hard in school,
Promised himself that one day he would rule.
When he started his campaign
People thought he was insane.
They couldn't believe their eyes
But in the end they knew he was so wise.
A green trying to lead? They thought it was a joke,
But soon he won over the hearts of most of the country's folk.
Checks still rules today,
For lots of young greens, he's paved the way.
So no matter what color Koo you happen to be,
You could be president, for everyone to see.

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