Popular Hairstyles of 2011-2012

Today there are so many different styles to choose from. Most of it is personal preference, whatever you have time for, or find most comfortable.
A lot of the most common styles these days are old styles with a modern twist.

The most popular way to part your hair is to the side, although the center part is not uncommon.

Long Length Hair

One style that is very popular with longer hair is curls. This could include anything from long curls, to tight curls, to bouncy waves.
Another thing I have seen is just the opposite, straightened hair.
Also, braids, especially the fishtail braid are popular. The fishtail braid can be worn in the back, on the side, as a ponytail, or in many other ways.
external image rb-fishtail-braid-lg-medium_new.jpgexternal image 181.jpgexternal image curly-hairstyle%25253D111.jpg
Fish Tail Braid, Straightened Hair, Curled Hair

Short Length Hair

The Bob, Pixie Cut, and Afro are some of the many popular styles.
external image ema-watson2.jpgexternal image 2012-Short-Bob-Haircuts-For-Women.jpgexternal image Afro-Hairstyle-2012-3.jpg
Emma Watson (Hermione in the Harry Potter movies) has recently gotten the Pixie Cut
The Afro is being thought of as soft and dreamy.

Medium Length Hair

One popular hairstyle is the Partial Up-do.
external image The-Look-A-partial-updo.jpg
Also, loose buns are very popular.
external image messy-updo.jpg

All Lengths

A common look this year is a 'wet' look. This can be acheived both naturally wet, or with special hair products.
external image wet-look-chignon.jpg

Also, the "piled and pinned up look" is a casual carefree style, although it can be difficult to do on yourself. external image pileduphairdo.jpgexternal image piled-up-pinned-hairstyle-2012-2.jpg
One style I know is popular, but has many, many variations is the braid. It could be a Franch Braid, a normal Braid, Side Braid, or so many more.
external image rachel-mcadams-braids-hg-de1.jpgexternal image lauren-conrad-braided-bangs.jpgexternal image 670_46596960-470x702.jpgexternal image natural-black-hair-styles-braids.jpgexternal image braided-top-knot.jpgexternal image ponytail-braid-high.jpgexternal image braids+2.jpgexternal image 6a00e54fb463ef8833013485b8703d970c-800wiexternal image 5_Strand_French_Braid_Hairstyle_View_2.jpg

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