My Interview
I'm doing a project on Pointe and I would like to know a few things.
First of all, how does pointe affect your feet?
What are the major muscles you need to be able to have the strength to go on pointe?
How old should you be when you start pointe?
How long do pointe shoes last?
About how much room does the toe box take up?

Thankyou for your letter. There are many questions here but i will do my best to answer them!

1. Pointe can affect your feet in many ways. First of all, you constantly get blisters, sores, athletes foot (and i dont mean to scare you if you are thinking of going en pointe), bunions, warts, and hangnails just to name a few.

2. You need to have strong ankles and good arches. I couldn't name the particular muscles for you though!

3. Firstly you should never ever go into pointe if you don't feel comfortable with doing so. It is also advised that be be over the age of 12 because if you are not your muscles probably haven't developed enough strength to go on pointe yet.

4. Most pointe shoes only last 4-5 weeks but it really depends on how many classes/hours you do a week and also what kind of exercises you are doing. Just doing barre work and simple exercises and they will last for 6-9 weeks.

5. The amount of room a toe box takes up varies from show to shoe. It should always be comfortable and accommodate the toes nicely.

You may have permission to use my name on the internet if you could tell me exactly where you plan to use it. Please get back to me on this otherwise I cannot give you permission to use my name on the internet.

Good luck with your project